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Toen Paul en Carol Kuck Regal Marine Industries op hadden gericht in 1969 voorzagen ze een nieuwe standaard van wereldklasse in luxe varen. Met 'Gods hulp' en gedurfde vastberadenheid begonnen de familie Kuck aan een ongekende succes in innovatie wat heeft geleid tot meer dan 40 jaar succes. Vandaag de dag definiëren Regal boten het ultramoderne vakmanschap en blijven ze de filosofie van de familie Kuck ragen dat vertrouwen en kwaliteit altijd de weg zullen wijzen.

Inspiration Built in America
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Fas- Trac hull systeem

Hull Design The Foundation of True Engineering

FasTrac Hull

Since its debut in 1997, the patented and award-winning FasTrac hull design has garnered acclaim from industry insiders and owners alike. The principle behind the hull is to reduce the surface tension while the boat moves through the water. The full-beam step forces air beneath the hull to reduce drag and friction while inverted strakes cause the boat to track straight and turn tight. With a reduction in friction, the FasTrac hull is able to achieve higher speeds and better fuel economy than boats of equal size and propulsion.

OceanTrac Hull

Every Regal yacht is defined by its fuel-efficient and high-performance OceanTrac hull. Because every yacht is weighted and configured individually, each OceanTrac hull is designed and shaped to ensure optimum efficiency across the entire performance spectrum. The OceanTrac hull brings together a unique combination of innovative design components working together to produce hull efficiencies that provide exceptional performance, an outstanding ride, and handling like nothing else on the water

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Regal LS6

Recognition for Excellence

CSI Awards

Regal has received 19 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) awards in the last seven years from the National Marine Manufacturers Association, including five awards in 2008 alone. One for each type of boat that Regal builds.